9 Top Tips to Take care of your child after a colorful Holi

No matter how many precautions we take while playing holi like applying moisturiser and restrict it to organic colors, Holi is a festival without rules for adults and kids alike. After a playful and a colourful Holi, kids get tired and the first things they want to do is scratch and rub the colors out. They are tired and exhausted and it is difficult to make them listen to you. Here are some useful tips for you to follow.

  1. Make your child stand under running water or give a bucket bath and let the color come our naturally
  2. Keep a bucket of clean water ready so that your child does not have to wait while he/ she is wet
  3. Apply liquid soap as it is more gentle and easy to rub it in the body
  4. In case there are some patches of color still, keep a mix of lemon juice, curd/ milk and besan ready, apply it and leave for a few mins and then give your child a bath
  5. Keep a towel and change of clothes ready before hand
  6. In case an irritation develops even after a bath and you see red patches or your child is scratching, use lacto calamine lotion
  7. Don’t be in a hurry to remove all the colors from the skin and hair in one day, everyone understands its holi, some colors are hard and take a few days to be removed naturally
  8. After playing Holi do not step out in the sun for a lunch or get together. Your little child has had a hectic holi play and needs rest rather than going out in the sun again.
  9. Keep your child hydrated as colors and water actually dry up the skin. Offer chaas or a natural juice/ cut fruits that she enjoys

Kids love Holi and should have great memories of Holi rather than falling sick. These small tips will help you make them have an enjoyable post Holi evening.