Our UKG program culminates in a strong foundation and a formal school readiness. The learning is focused and is a culmination of the concepts from abstract to concrete. Language , Math, Motor skills and Aesthetic development has refined from where it started off. Children are ready to move to grade 1 and are equipped with the skills and confidence required. The UKG curriculum helps your child develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills.

Class Duration

180 minutes

Child Age

5 - 6

Class Frequency



01 Jun - 31 Mar

Days - Mon - Fri
Timing - 09:00 AM
Fee - On Request
Learning Goal


Coginitive Skills


General Awareness



Social skills

How It Works

Reading and writing Optimizing language skills Grasping complex language skills Understanding of mathematical concepts Cognitive development Scientific literacy and focus on creative arts Learning with art, music and play Encouraging sports and extra-curricular activities Building team management skills
online sessions 5 days a week, worksheet, supporting material. parents teacher meeting depending on parents need.
On booking, you will be provided all the details on email