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Our Integrated Childcare Solutions

Daycare Benefit Support
  • Access to 6000+ network of daycares through online platform run by Proeves
  • Expert counselling on daycare discovery and decision support
  • Hassle free benefit administration, tracking of employee queries, admission and payment processing to daycare centres
  • Strong processes to show compliance
Supporting companies across sectors on network/near home centres – 150+ clients
Virtual Care Support
  • Age appropriate skill enrichment camps to engage children virtually
  • Structured monthly sessions that provide unique opportunities for learning new skills
  • Virtual care powered by Preschools/ daycares also available
  • Exclusive offers for corporate parents
Supporting corporate parents across companies on virtual care – Over 6000 parents every month
Parenting Support
  • Design and Roll out of Parenting Program
  • 100’s of Online resources available for parents from maternal care, child nutrition, engaging children etc
  • Expert led webinar for parents across the parenting lifecycle
  • 1-1 Coach on Call service for parents
Supporting Best Employers on parental support journey – Engage 10,000 parents every month

Our Approach

  1. Provide webportal to provision seats/ requests, declare usage , submit declaration undertaking and manage issues/complaints
  2. Go live support to client with daycare policy document, FAQ and portal guide to communicate the benefit
  3. Support employees in finding and deciding daycares near office or near home / virtual care
  4. Online and Oncall Daycare Support on all queries on daily basis
  5. MIS to client on registration, queries, utilization on a monthly basis
  1. Daycares will be registered as Vendor by ProEves
  2. ProEves will confirm on invoicing and enrolment with employees
  3. Daycare will raise Invoice to ProEves
  4. ProEves will review the invoices and send one consolidated invoice to the client
  5. ProEves will pay Daycare on client confirmation
  1. Location specific daycare screening – Remote screening for near site centres to check for compliance based on distance and servic provided
  2. Physical Audit – Indepth audit which covers more than 200 parameters and includes audits of entrance area, rooms, activity area, restrooms, outdoor play area, kitchen , medical preparedness, processes (Recommended for highly utilised centres to ensure safety of premise and safe and hygienic practices are being followed)
  3. The Audit List is regularly updated with any National Guidelines on Creche. It is an exhaustive report.

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