Nursery is when the learning experience gets a boost! A child who has been through playgroup with us already knows the basics of group study

Class Duration

120 minutes

Child Age

4 - 5

Class Frequency



01 Jun - 30 Apr

Days - Mon - Fri
Timing - 09:30 AM
Learning Goal

Communication skills

Comprehensive and scientifically designed curriculum

conceptual skills


personality development

problem solving

How It Works

The USP of our Nursery class is Differentiated Learning, a keystone of the IB curriculum. What Differentiated Learning means is this: all children of this age group may not be at the same level, learning-wise. Some may not be able to hold a pencil steadily yet, while others may even be writing! To give every child the attention he or she needs, we divide the class into 2 groups
online sessions 5 days a week
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