Nursery is when the learning experience gets a boost! A child who has been through playgroup with us already knows the basics of group study

Class Duration

75 minutes

Child Age

4 - 5

Class Frequency



01 Jun - 30 Apr

Days - Mon - Fri
Timing - 11:00 AM
Learning Goal

Cognitive Skills

Communication skills

Comprehensive and scientifically designed curriculum

Conceptual skills

Confidence building

Early handwriting skills


General awareness

Imbibe social and moral values in children

Language and Speech development

How It Works

The USP of our Nursery class is Differentiated Learning, a keystone of the IB curriculum. What Differentiated Learning means is this: all children of this age group may not be at the same level, learning-wise. Some may not be able to hold a pencil steadily yet, while others may even be writing! To give every child the attention he or she needs, we divide the class into 2 groups
online sessions 5 days a week
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