About Proeves


The founding team started ProEves, after witnessing lack of alternate childcare support and infrastructure for themselves in their parenting journey in India.


ProEves has a singular focus to improve Daycare/Creche Industry Infrastructure and adoption/awareness of Daycare/ Creche support in India.

About ProEves

1) We are the largest aggregator of preschools and daycares, supporting lacs of parents discover , decide and book 7000 centres in India.

2) On the Corporate side we are the largest childcare childcare benefit provider , promoting implementation of the Revised Maternity Benefit Act 2017 esp the Creche clause to increase women participation in the workforce

3) ProEves is addressing the Credibility problem of the Creche industry by way of ProEves enabled centres that are powered by 3s’s by us Software, Sales and Skilling . Centres are being digitised, supported on sales and provided critical skills on phone like CPR, SIDS awareness, feeding basics etc.

4) We are also advocating Safety audits in the industry to ensure safer childcare centres, and with Covid 19 we are geared to support daycares open up by way of suggested guidelines in this document.

As the Childcare industry plans to open to stand in support of the Working Parents with back to work ratios increasing – ProEves requests the centres to become Safety first Centres.

The Covid 19 Crisis has greatly impacted the Anganwadis/ ICDS and Creche or Preschool Industry in India (we anticipate half the industry can be washed down due to the crisis).The progress and penetration of the ECCE industry  is severely threatened due to this crisis. Therefore we at ProEves, have come up with the Safety First campaign, aimed at guiding the industry and also getting the centres to re-assure the mothers/parents with respect to safety and health/hygiene standards being followed post lockdown.

1) ProEves has put together these guidelines across best of sources across the world

2) Support Childcare/Creche industry with Online Training and Safety Tools to implement guidelines

3) Launch a joint campaign on Surakshit/Safety First Centres – advocating the importance of Safe centres

4) Get to know how you can get your parents & teachers enrolled for Safety first trainings