Mentor Description

Early Education & Phonics Expert with Creative learning and Art & Craft .Expert teacher adept at online teaching. Prior teaching experience . Good with kids & very hands on learning.

Child Age
3 - 12 Yrs
1:1 Class Ratio
Monthly Fee
1:1 Fee - 3000
Learning Goal




Creative Skills

Cognitive Development

Art & Craft

How It Works

Age based- Science Experiment-Painting with magnets, balloon painting, Plant holder out of plastic bottle, marble painting with spider web, can work on topics given; Maths-Worksheets - Shape,sequeing, sorting, matching big to small, theme related; Art/ Spoken English-Art - PPT for children to imagine and give ideas and draw - Rhyme/Phonetics/blending words/handwriting- sleeping & standing lines. flower mandla, landscape etc - with material which is easily avail. Spoken English- Blending words, Reading, story telling,
Online 1:1 classes with mentors at your time for your child. The monthly package includes 8 sessions for the month.
On booking, you will be provided all the details on email

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