Mentor Description

Specializes in Best out of waste, DIY Projects, Creative Craft and Art activities with unlimited fun, Making useful stuff from unused Items lying at home, Life skills, Story Telling, Kids Yoga, Having experience in engaging kids in all kind of Extra curricular activities and creating a fun learning environment. Has extensive years of teaching and engaging with kids. Loves to engage with kids and develop activity based learning with each child. Supports the kid in their personalised learning journey and goal. Regular assessment with child and checking with the parent.

Child Age - 5 - 8 yrs
Fee - On Request
Learning Goal

Analytical Skills

Creative Skills

Holistic Development




How It Works

Customised fun sessions-Art & craft-Best out of waste, Recycling old items
How to get kids to take to online learning - 1) Design a daily time table 2) Open up with your kids ( have an open conversation on there experiences, Their fear, Their difficulties or challenges, Their likings) 3) Stay in touch with your child's education faculty 4) Protect children online (set up rules about how, when and where the internet can be used). Keep a vigilant eye on their activities 5) Create a clean and well lit space where kids can sit and study online 6) Decorate or deck up the study place 7) Help your child with studies and homework 8) Encourage and cheer up kids even on their smallest achievement
On booking, you will be provided all the details on email

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