Terms & Conditions

1) "Covid19 Safety First Training" is a self-certification done by the centres for the safety, hygiene and staff standards it follows. The display of “Safety First” badge and generation of “Safety First Training Certificate” with the centre listing is done by ProEVes at the request of the centre upon its confirmation of adherence to the above safety standards.

2) These centres have voluntarily approached ProEves for displaying their adherence with the safety standards on Proeves platform

3) The responsibility of complying with the Standards will remain solely with the centre. ProEves does not assume any responsibility or liability to ensure that the centre is adhering with the standards.

4) If the customer is not satisfied with the Safety, Sanitisation and Hygiene Standards maintained by the centre and believe that the centre is not adhering the standards, then the customer should raise a complaint directly with the centre and seek redressal from the centre only. ProEves will not be liable to compensate the customer in any way

5) The customer is requested and required to do their own safety checks and be completely satisfied about the centre’s safety, hygiene standards prior to enrolling his/her child in the centre

6) ProEves has the right to, without any obligation of issuing prior notice to the centre or to the customer:

i) Remove the Safety First badge for a centre if it has reasons to believe that the centre doesn’t meet the Standards in letter and spirit, or at the request of centre, or at the discretion of ProEves without assigning any reasons therefor;
ii) Change the terms of the Standards to make them best suitable and relevant for the needs of the customers, or to meet any legal requirements;

7) The terms of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy will continue to apply in addition to the Standards.

8) ProEves shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental losses incurred by the customer who have made a booking placing reliance on the “Safety First” badge or “Covid19 Safety First Training Certificate”. As explained above, the recourse of the customer will lie only with the centre

9) ProEves shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to any force majeure events or reasons beyond the reasonable control of Proeves.

10) The maximum liability of ProEves in any situation whatsoever will be limited to refunding the booking amount as paid by the customer.

11) Any disputes on these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi.