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Corporate Services

Our Corporate Daycare & Diversity Solutions

ProEves aims to move the needle on gender diversity through concrete, fact based solutions. Some of our services include:

Childcare Support – We provide daycare solutions across all three formats (onsite/ near-site and multi site tieup). Our services include:

  1. Onsite Daycare Setup Support
  2. NearSite Daycare Tieup for key location (Our Approach)
  3. MultiSite Daycare Tieups for all your office locations (Our Approach )
  4. Daycare benefit design
  5. Daycare ongoing program management (Our Approach )
  6. Daycare audit
  7. Daycare management Benefit Tool
Companies can choose end to end or standalone services based on their requirement. We have a network of 2000 daycares enrolled with us and have basic qualifiers on them to screen the best partner for your organization.

Parental Support – We provide parental support solutions and resources for working parents. Our services include:
  1. Focused parenting workshops
  2. Parenting hotline/Concierge services
  3. Online parenting resource portal 
Maternity Support - We provide 360 degree maternity support across the maternity lifecycle. Our services include:
  1. Audit, benchmarking and design of maternity benefit policies
  2. Technology/On the Go tool on Holistic Maternity Support
  3. Guidelines and resources for line managers to support employees through the transition
  4. Creating breastfeeding friendly workplaces
  5.   Boot camp for returning mothers
    1. Managing the first six months
    2. Taking charge of your career
  6.  Workshop for new dads
  7.  Online parenting resource portal
Gender Diversity Support – Our services range from audit to policy design and implementation. Our services include:
  1. Gender diversity diagnostic, benchmarking and roadmap design
  2. Line Manager Sensitization
  3. Line Manager Training

Communication design and roll out of all the above support benefits and gender diversity initiatives for creating greater awareness, impact and utilization across the organization.

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