An Ode to Mother: Celebrating Teachers Who Embody a Second Mother’s Love

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the women who play a maternal role in our children’s lives every day – our teachers. These nurturing and caring individuals not only educate but also inspire and empower our little ones to become the best version of themselves. In this blog, we celebrate the exceptional work of three such teachers – Deval Shah, Elizabeth Joy, and Sofyia Shaikh.

Deval Shah, the centre head of CherryMelon, is an English semantic specialist with 25 years of global work experience. With a passion for education and a deep bond with kids, Deval and her team at CherryMelon promise to bloom the tender buds into beautiful flowers.

At Iwee Early Years, Elizabeth Joy is a passionate and committed early years professional who responds to the needs of her children with sensitivity and compassion. Her commitment to inclusion and the whole-child approach is reflected in her meticulously planned lessons that cater to the diverse needs of her students. Her professionalism is further demonstrated by her dedication to work, as evidenced by her returning to school even after personal tragedies.

Sofyia Shaikh is a passionate and dedicated early years educator who has found her true calling at Kido Preschool. With seven years of experience, she has witnessed the growth and development of countless children, cherishing each milestone and triumph. Her deep-rooted passion for teaching has helped her to become an integral part of the Kido family.

As we celebrate these teachers who embody a second mother’s love, we must remember the significant impact they have on our children’s lives. Their dedication, commitment and love help shape our little ones into confident and compassionate individuals.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate and thank the teachers in our lives who continue to inspire and nurture us.