Top 5 Activities to teach opposites to Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Opposites! There are so many to talk to the children about! Up, down, sit, stand, fast, slow, hot, cold–and so many more! This opposites preschool theme is filled with preschool lesson plans and ideas for all areas of your classroom.

1. Learning opposites with Rhymes 

 Preschoolers love rhymes and songs, and using rhymes to teach opposites is a terrific way for your child to learn new vocabulary.

2. Teaching opposites through stories: 

Read them a simple book ‘Big and Little: A Story of Opposites’ a book about opposites to introduce vocabulary. Exposing your toddler to concepts through books, songs and rhymes contributes to brain development.

3. Learning opposites – Using flashcards

Use flash cards or print out few images you can find online to illustrate the opposites. 

For example, display a picture of a small dog next to a picture of a large dog, a picture of child who is running next to a picture of a child who is walking or crawling, etc.

4. Learning Opposites through Exercise

Exercise is always fun for kids, it can be so much fun and learning all in one. Start simple
-Ask them to lift their leg HIGH and then make them drop it LOW
-Ask them to take a BIG step and then a SMALL step
-Ask them to to touch a glass of HOT water and then a glass of COLD water
-Ask them to move FAST and then move SLOW

5. Learning Opposites through Craft – Happy/Sad Faces

Materials Needed: Pre-cut large circles (2 per child), wiggly eyes, glue, miscellaneous arts and crafts supplies, markers.

The children glue wiggly eyes on each circle and then draw a smile on one and a frown on another. (Pre-print the smiles and frowns for the children to trace if needed).

The children decorate each face. Discuss with them things that make them happy or sad.

When dry, staple each child’s happy and sad faces together (back to back) and hang from the ceiling!