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All About Birds Toddler Homeschooling Calendar | Proeves Learning Lab

If you are looking to teach your kids about ‘Birds’, this blog is for you ! Kids will love learning about birds and how they build their nests etc. 

We bring to you a weekly homeschooling calendar on ‘Birds’ so that you can teach your preschooler child ‘All about birds’

1. Monday activity: Picture books and Flash cards are great options for toddlers preschooler kids. Let your child recognise different species of birds and appreciate the uniqueness of each species. Use Flash cards to show them different types of birds.

2. Tuesday activity: Looking to learn more about how birds fly? Birds fly by flapping their wings and using air pressure to create lift under their wings. Just like airplanes do.
WATCH THIS Video to learn more.

3. Wednesday Activity: DIY Bird Paper craft – Make a beautiful bird using coloured papers, scissors and glue. Children are surely going to love this paper craft activity.

4. Thursday Activity: Different types of beaks – Ask your child to match the beaks with the respective birds. Download the worksheet here.

5. Friday activity: Share some interesting Fun facts on birds

Eg. 1. The hummingbird can fly backwards, but it can’t walk.

Eg. 2. An ostrich can run as fast as 43 miles per hour and grow as tall as 9 feet.

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