independence day activities for your children

5 best Independence Day activities for kids | Proeves Learning Lab

We bring to you a Weekly Calendar to celebrate Independence Day which will never let your kids feel bored on this important day.

1. Monday – DIY Art – Finger Painting Activity :
Let children dip their thumbs in finger paint and use their thumb prints to make a Tricolour Flag.

2. Tuesday – DIY Craft – Cute Butterfly activity
This unique craft activity will require only 5 mins and looks perfect to be put on walls and portrait. This butterfly can be used to decorate your home. You can even decorate walls with these beautiful tricolor butterflies. Stay tuned for our DIY craft activity for this week.

3. Wednesday – DIY Flameless cooking activity
Make a Tri-colour sandwich using Carrot (for Saffron), Cheese (for white) & cucumber (for green). Alternatively if you have an interest in baking, baking a cake with tricolour icing could be of the best ways to celebrate Independence day in a fun way with your kids.

4. Thursday – Decorate your House In a Tri-Colour Theme
Mix and match cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers and so on. This will be a very engaging activity for the kids. Wherever you can, try to coordinate colours to bring out the tricolour theme.

5. Friday – Fun Music and dance session
Add some patriotic Indian songs to your playlist and make your child sing/dance to the patriotic tunes.

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