Can Women have it All ? How Kara4Kids is making it possible!

Working moms have it all, but in reality it is really tough. Being committed fully to work and family is quite challenging indeed. It can be exhausting and thankless, it is often assumed that a working woman is not fully present – neither as an employee nor as a mother. However, it is possible to  beat this challenge if you learn to find a balance that works for your life- with a strong support of Child care systems and caregivers like at KARA4KIDS.

When it comes to letting your child be a part of the world without you, like in a daycare, it’s only natural to be particular about certain aspects. A daycare is not only a mere shelter for your child when you have other responsibilities, but it rather must be a catalyst in your child’s growth and development.

‘Mansi Talwar’ Parent Engagement Head, Kara4Kids, appreciates Moms for being there to support their family and not giving up on their careers. For all those working moms out there, if you are feeling guilty about not being with your child all the time, she advises that it’s time to let it go. One should focus on the positive things that your work life is contributing to your family. Be confident that you are making the best choice for your whole family, including yourself, and your child will feel the extent of your love and understand your sacrifice. Also, it’s the beginning of having your child understand and learn to start doing things independently.

In the words of parents of KARA4KIDS,  How it was possible with KARA4KIDS, and they made it large!

“I would like to express my gratitude towards the tireless efforts of the people of Kara who care for children like their own, especially of working parents. To me Kara is not just a day care it is a Personification of love, care and trust. Truly, a second home for Jayani my bundle of Joy. I returned to work when Jayani was a little baby  and although that was extremely hard for me to do, knowing that she was so well cared for at KARA4KIDS made it a little easier Kara always lends an extra hand when you just need it.”  — Bhavana Rao, Parent

“Ketam my child, graduated from Kara in 2015. I must say, he came out as a transformed kid. Confident enough to query and articulate thoughts with meaningful reasoning along with having rich vocabulary and language skill to express himself. We all cherish Kara4kids for inculcating meaningful skills, good values and wonderful habits in Ketam”  — Deepak.K.Jha, Parent

“We have been associated with Kara4kids for the past eight plus years for both our daughters, and had  a very good experience with them. All the centres are safe, clean and hygienic places, and the staff at all these places are pleasant, courteous, well trained and very organized. They teach the right things in the right way!! We personally find that this goes a long way in enriching their cognitive and intellectual abilities, and they get recognized well when they join the mainstream schools”  –Gayathry and Manikandan, Parent

KARA4KIDS is a group of premium preschools, nestled in various locations of Bangalore. With an enduring past of over a decade in fostering children holistically, to lay the foundation for a sound and secure future, for your child.

Get your kids occupied and enjoy with the playway learning methodology with the happiest kids at KARA4KIDS Daycare- 

From sensory awareness, fine motor skills, language, to socialization, they nurture your child in an organic environment; helping them develop an awareness about the world around them.

Age Group Covered : 6 months to 10yrs

Timings:  Full-Day = 8.30 am to 6:00 pm; After-school/Day Care (Post 12:30pm)

Time slots = 2 hours, Time slots = 5 hours, Time slots = 6 hours

Here are a host of classes and activities that will stimulate your child’s abilities.

Dance & Music – To develop your child’s sense of space, time, flow, and rhythm.

Arts & Craft – To bring out the Picasso in your child.

Story Telling – To kindle your child’s imagination.

Phonetics – To activate your child’s ability to decode letters into sounds. Chess ; Lego 

Homework Club – To ensure that your child finishes homework with our guidance and supervision.

Adventure Club – To develop your child’s physical strength and endurance.

Knowing that your child is cared for, is crucial to having peace of mind when you are at work. To the relief of many, there’s no math required when it comes to balancing work and family. It’s actually not even a balance. The goal is to achieve a state-of-being where you’re fully living and enjoying your life outside of work and achieving success on the job, sometimes more or less on either side of the equation, but at a level that feels right. At Kara4Kids, As appropriate as the physical environment, even the emotional environment is safe, nurturing, focuses on the building of relationships, and is bolstered by tender love and care. To know more; log on Here


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