Top 6 Daycares focusing on transparency for their parents

If you are a working parent, how many times have you wondered what your child would be doing at daycare? Did they have their lunch? Did they take a nap? Parents are busy but they would love to have update on their child’s entire day’s activities. For a parent it is very important to receive the real-time updates about their child’s activities, updates that include things like photos and videos. Studies have shown that a preschool App helps to increase the admission by 30% because they are more transparent & parents are inclined to have more confidence in them.

While infants and toddlers at this age are not able to communicate specific details and update their parents thus its become very important for a preschool to be really very communicative & transparent to the parents. An app always helps a preschool/daycare in being a transparent & trustworthy. When it comes to early education, transparency is the must factor for building confidence in parents.

There are quality apps available which provide live update to parents about their kid’s activity in preschool/daycare. Below are the modules specially crafted to connect daycare and parents:

  • Live Parent Messages(with our without CCTV)
  • Meals/ Diaper/Nap
  • Events/Circular Digital Board
  • Photos/Videos
  • Learning & Development
  • Inquiries
  • Fee & Payment

These apps are not only important for parents but also for daycares, it makes daycare management easy so that staff is more focused to take care of child. Writing notes, emailing, texting are several ways of communicating to parents but very much time consuming. An app helps teachers to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents.

When the preschools/daycares are working to simplify the life of parents, we are working with daycares to take one more step forward towards making it more transparent & convenient for preschools/daycares. Sandbox, Kindercare, Youngin, Nectar’s Cove, Maple Bear, Perfections are those top 6 preschools who have opted to be more convenient for parents by using the app like “ProEves Edge” which is designed by keeping a mother’s choice in mind. Please contact for further details.