Building Values/Experiences in your toddler: Choose Right!

When children are young, they are learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behavior they adopt, is an asset for a more productive future. Early childhood education is about polishing and shaping your little one, which will eventually form the basis of their lifelong journey.

Ms. Nainal – the Teacher Mamma, a playgroup teacher from Mindseed says “I want to express my gratitude and share how much I have enjoyed being part of Mindseed Preschool at Wakad, Pune. When I joined the organization as a teacher, it was an altogether 180-degree change in my profession. I had completed my Montessori course with the thought that I would work in a school environment, but when the day actually came, I had butterflies in my tummy. I joined at a time when the preschool had summer vacations, hence I got a chance to interact with kids from daycare. Initially, I was apprehensive about the being able to connect with such small kids. However, that disappeared soon after I met my students. Among my students, I was particularly drawn towards little Tanay. He was the youngest child and everybody at school adored him. Gradually, Tanay grew fond of me as well and started addressing me as “Teacher Mamma”, almost giving me the status of his equal to his mother. This made me realize that the role of a teacher is so vital in a child’s life. As Preschool started, I understood that it completely depends on me to connect and win the trust of the children, and children will only love you back. I realized how true this thought was when Mayra, another PG student from my class, whose parents said that for Mayra, her school is her teacher. So, when Mayra shared that her cousin is in going to school she would say, “Payal is going to Nainal”. 

At Mindseed, they believe no two children are the same, no two brains are the same. They believe each child can learn on his own pace & can achieve mastery in each skill and so create personalized program depending on the child’s ability. Learning by Doing, practicing, exploring materials and absorbing the sensory information is what Mindseed considers.

Mrs. Ragini Pal, mother of Yuvaan Pal from playgroup states “Yuvaan has made great progress since he joined Mindseed. He is super-excited to come to school every day. We appreciate the care, support, and consideration given by his teacher, Ms. Nidhi, his Principal, Ms. Lavanya, and all the helping staff. Thanks to all of you, his playschool experience has been very joyful. We have been immensely satisfied with Yuvaan’s overall development. Mindseed allows each child to develop in his own way. The staff is flexible and adjusts to the child’s needs and supports them in areas where he/she needs more attention. The motto/belief of ‘Every child is a genius’ is truly evident.”

Different Mind Stations organized at each Mindseed preschool provide an immersive learning atmosphere to all the toddlers. Instead of dividing the classrooms grade wise, they have divided them according to each of their skill areas.

Mindseed believes in building values & experiences in your toddler. Team Mindseed wishes all parents a very Happy New Year & with this New Year, there comes a hope to dream big and an aspiration to achieve greater things as we celebrate the genius in every child! It is our endeavor to unlock the boundless potential in each little Mindseeder and bring out their uniqueness in them as they learn and grow. 

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