DIY Christmas Decorations: Making Snowflakes

Hey it’s Christmas time again!!! Well..Not actually! I can hear you all saying it’s more than a month until Christmas. True. But we can’t wait. Christmas is always the fun and joyous time of the year. Decking up the tree is so much fun. But when we have a toddler at home, is it really fun as it always used to be?

Last year, when my dear daughter was 2 and half years old, I didn’t want to invite the trouble of keeping a watchful eye of what is she doing near the tree. But I still wanted her to enjoy the fun of decking up the tree. So I ended up making a felt tree that doubled up as her sticker board. She enjoyed pasting all the Christmas stickers on the tree.

Now she has grown up and I can no longer make up something as a Christmas tree. So the tree is definitely going to stand tall. Then I thought why not I make use of her interest in crafts to make the ornaments to decorate the tree. What could give more joy when all the ornaments have her crafty touch? That’s how we ended up making this snowflake, the butterfly snowflakes, as she calls 🙂

This is how we made the snowflakes.

Materials required (for 1 snowflake):
Popsicle sticks 4
Colored tapes
Foam shapes(we used butterfly shapes)


Take the Popsicle sticks and cover them with colored tapes.
(Alternately you can also paint the color of your choice)
Place a Popsicle stick vertically and apply glue at the centre.
Fix a Popsicle stock on the glue horizontally. Now apply glue at the centre.
Fix a Popsicle stick diagonally to the left. Apply glue at the centre again.
Now fix the last Popsicle stick diagonally to the right.
Now the snowflake is ready.
To decorate the snowflakes, paste the foam shapes on each end of the stick. You can also use glitters, stones or any decorations of your choice.
Paste a small thread loop to any of the end of the Popsicle stick.
The snowflake is ready to be tied to the tree.

Let your imagination flow and create endless designs of snowflakes.

About the Mom
I am Thendral, mother of a 3.5 year old angel. I am a business analyst by profession. I have developed a keen interest in Montessori and early learning after the birth of my daughter. I do a lot of activities with her at home based on these principles and have a special interest in simple DIY items that can be done with her involvement.