Attention Moms: The “Creative Guy” you should know about !

A platform unleashing young people’s creativity.

Let’s hear from Adarsh Sharma an IIM graduate who has created an online platform to unleash children’s creativity.

Tell us about Plowns?

Plowns is a platform where children (or parents on their behalf) can showcase creative work done by them and see what other children across the world are doing.


You are yet not parent so how did you think of this platform?

I am a writer by heart. I wrote two books which never saw the light of day, so maybe I am not a good writer but a writer none the less. For the longest time I can remember, I was asking myself – How could I have been a better writer. And I kept going back to my childhood. What If I had a platform to showcase my talent and exchange notes with other kids of similar interest? This personal pain point from my childhood acted as a catalyst for Plowns.

Who else is there in the team?

My partner in this journey is Harsh, who handles our product/technology.He has been a teacher at Punjab Engineering College. Having closely worked with students for a long time, he too felt passionately about what I had in mind and that brought us together.

Why is it important for children to go beyond studies?

I am glad to answer this question. First of all – I want to clarify that Plowns is not a platform for future artists or writers only. We believe being creative is a prerequisite in pretty much everything we do in our lives. If I can write well – I can express my scientific discovery in a better way, if I can draw well I will find it easier to express my thoughts in a group meeting through diagrams. And I could go on about this.

Our education system ensures that children are spending a lot of time studying science/maths etc. But, the creativity amongst children gets lost somewhere. We want to ensure that doesn’t happen. 80% of success in life depends on life skills, and creativity is an important part of it.

What is your goal with respect to Plowns?

Plowns aims to bring together all children on one creative platform -Encouraging them to showcase their creative work, Exchange ideas & hone their skills further.

Right now, we only support image based content. Tomorrow we might add videos as well, and something new the day after that. The idea is to be “Every Child’s Creative Gallery”.

Which piece of work/feature series that you did is closest to your heart?

We hold monthly theme based competitions, where the children can win prizes, in addition to being able to share their amazing work. In November, our writing competition was themed “What I want to be” where the kids shared their aim/ambition in life through their writing. It was such an amazing feeling to read these young minds share their aim of being a doctor/astronaut/artist/teacher etc. Whenever I need a mood lift, I just read one of these pieces.

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