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Making learning easier in these times and getting kids to take on to online learning is a huge leap from classroom to virtual. What I understand as a parent and a teacher is: 1. Keeping modules short can help kids engage better. 2. Interactive elements act as a feather in the cap. 3. Positive feedback is the key to success in teacher, child, parent relation.

Child Age - 3-12yrs
Fee - 350
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How It Works

Customized- English-phonics- sounds, word/sentence/paragraph ; Maths-UKG- Numbers, 50 to 100; ascending/descending, forward/backward counting, vertical/horizontal addition,subtraction; EVS-Animal life, plant life
Online 1:1 classes with mentors at your time for your child for individualised attention and focused learning.
On booking, you will be provided all the details on email

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Nov 26, 2020 at 05:47 PM
Anita Test

She is a very good teacher, my kid is able to understand the concepts very well. She also gives lot of practice sessions.